Dear Honorable Judge Debbie Stricklin:

Hello, my name is Bob Coulson, TDCJ# 999115, and I was sentenced in your court room to be executed on June 25th, 2002.  I am innocent & working hard with my attorney, Mary Ann Starks, (713) 516-6178,, to get a conditional pardon from the Board of Pardons & Paroles & Governor Perry.  (not seeking a release, but seeking a new trial by agree to waive my double jeapardy rights & agreeing to be retried on the charges if they will pardon my conviction & all of the problems in it, etc.  You will not be familiar with all of the problems as you were not my trial judge but they were very serious & I did not have my constitutionally guaranteed right to a fair trial and fair appeal)

A very serious allegation has been brought to my attention that I would ask be investigated fully prior to my execution.  Due to my date being so close, I would ask that you reset my date for 30-60 days later so this investigation can be completed.  The allegation as it was told to me was as follows: (it has not been proven up to my knowledge & I don't know if my attorney's will have time to do so between now & my currently scheduled date)  A minister contacted Mary Ann Starks & told her that Chuck Rosenthal (my lead prosecutor & currently District Attorney) had gotten mad at two men who were investigating my claims for the Board of Pardons & Paroles & had tried to use his power to have the two men fired.  Apparently  they were not fired in the end.

My concern is this...Chuck Rosenthal helped present false evidence in my case; he withheld numerous pieces of exculpatory evidence from my trial attorneys; he solicited perjured testimony from the lead witness against me; and more.  If he did in fact try to tamper with, stop, curtail, influence, etc., the investigation into my conditional pardon claims the end report those two gentlemen gave the board will not be the entire truth.  They might have been pressured to water down their findings. They might have been forced to stop their investigation altogether, or at least stop it in the area that ticked off Chuck Rosenthal, etc. Chuck Rosenthal has NO business messing with this investigation, if he did in fact do so.  He  can certainly answer the investigators questions, provide them with evidence, etc., but he surely cannot try to influence the investigation especially when it is against him & actions he took! in my trial, etc., of my capital murder trial.

I think you will agree this is a very serious allegation & if proven to be true, is at the very least highly unethical & possibly illegal.  I know Chuck Rosenthal is a powerful man in a powerful position, but he should never be allowed to use that power outside his office to impede the investigation of a case where a mans life is on the line.

The question begs to be asked...If Chuck Rosenthal did this...WHY???  If he has done nothing wrong in my case, thereby having nothing to hide, then why in the world would he try to get people fired who were looking into my claims of wrong doing alleged by me, etc?  I think the answer is obvious, he has numerous things to hide.

Churck Rosenthal wants to kill me as fast as he possible so the truth in this case does not come out.  He told my jury if the law didn't stand between him & I that he would kill me himself!!!  Well, he is circumventing the law in a direct attempt to kill me.  I don't know if the allegation in this letter can be proven but numerous other things he has done can be proven up backing up the statement I just made, of that I am 100% positive.  If Chuck Rosenthal was truly concerned about the truth he would agree to give me a new trial where my jury would not be influenced by fabricated evidence, withheld evidenc, solicited perjured testimony, police lying on the stand, etc.  The last thing Chuck Rosenthal wants is for me to get a new  trial, he knows his smoke and mirrors case is falling apart like a house of cards.

Surely you will agree that I have a right to a fair and impartial shot at having my claims of innocence, etc., heard by the board of Pardons & Paroles and the Governor?  If Chuck Rosenthal has in fact, tried to tamper with that process in any way then a full investigation needs to be conducted and the record set straight so the Board and Governor will know if the information they received from the men who investigated my case was tainted in any way.

I would respectfully ask you to reset my execution date for 30-60 days down the road so an investigation can be conducted.  If it is discovered that Chuck Rosenthal did in fact do as I have alleged then that will also give the Board & Governor time to redo their investigation into my conditional pardon claims and to hopefully, discover just what it was that Chuck Rosenthal did not want investigators finding the first time around.

I would respectfully ask that you contact Mary Ann Starks to find out exactly what she has heard, how this can be investigated, etc., I do not hae all the details.  If possible, I would ask that some sort of law enforcement be brought in to conduct the investigation, though I remind the court that Chuck Rosenthal's wife works for the FBI.  (The last I heard anyway)  Perhaps the Texas Rangers could be brought in, especially since my last claims are in front of the  Governor right now.

I am asking for this delay for any reason other then so the truth can come out.  If the investigation turns up nothing, then I will probably be executed the day you reset my date for. (unless the Board & Governor grant some or all of what I am requesting in my conditional pardon request). Surely one or two months to ensure justice is served is not too much to ask when a man's life is on the line.  I hope you will agree with me & reset my execution date for either the 25th of July or 26th of August, preferrably August to make sure the investigation is finished, etc.  I am asking you this myself as I can't know if my attorney's will be doing so or not, I am not able to call them whenever I want and the mail is very slow.

Thank you in advance for your time, I hope you will agree with me that these serious allegations need to be investigated and my date reset.

Respectully submitted,

Bob Coulson

cc: attorneys, Governor Rick Perry, Media sources, Board of Pardons & Paroles, and others