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On March 02, 2001, my request for an Evicentiary hearing as well as my Writ of Habeas Corpus was denied by the federal courts. My lawyer has since filed a MOTION FOR A NEW TRIAL OR ALTERATION AND AMENDMENT OF THE JUDGEMENT. That's basically a request asking the judge to reconsider his decision. This motion will most likely be denied as well. From there, we will have to appeal to the 5th Circuit Court, but past experience has proven that relief is very unlikely. The next step will be the Supreme Court. Again, relief is highly unlikely.

My only recourse at that time will be to file a Petition for Clemency. After reviewing over 140 cases, the Board of Pardons and Paroles has only recommended clemency in two capital cases in the past ten years. No request for clemency have been granted under now, Gov. Rick Perry. I hope to change this.

Since 1987, when I arrived on Death Row, I've constantly embarked on one endeavor after another either through my art, writing or other creative endeavors. We will be compiling and collating the vast amount of material. Because of the sheer bulk of information, a video-taped presentation would probably be more feasible, accompanied by photocopies of my artwork, writing, and other printed material.

To date, we have also collected well over 12,000 signatures on our petitions asking that my sentence be commuted to life. These will also need to be copied and continuously tabulated as more and more signatures come in.

During the process of preparing for the Clemency petition and getting previous accomplishments ready for presentation, I must continue to make more accomplishments. I will be participating in various art contests, adding new designs to my card line and arranging art exhibits. If anyone has the time, means or resources to put on an art exhibit, hold a fundraising event or help in any other areas, please contact me. This is truly my last ditch effort. A year from now it may not matter so I need your help in every possible way right now.