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In Memoriam of James V. Allridge III.

Executed by the people of Texas on August 26, 2004

"It happened very quickly," reports Bill Pelke, who along with Sr. Helen Prejean, Dave Atwood, and several others, and of course, several members of the victim's family, watched the Texas Extermination Machine in all of its efficiency as it killed James Allridge earlier this evening in revenge for his murder of Brian Clendennen. Bill says that James spent more than half of his final statement addressing the victim's family members, thanking those who have forgiven him and again apologizing and seeking forgiveness, and wishing peace, to all, but in particular to those who are still angry. Bill called me shortly after leaving the death house at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas. I also had a chance to speak with Helen and with Jim Marcus, one of James Allridge's attorneys who have been working so hard to try to force the Texas clemency process to actually function. It can't get any easier for someone like Jim Marcus, who as head of the Texas Defender Service has seen numerous clients exterminated, or Helen Prejean, who has been the spiritual advisor for more than a few, but tonight was a first for Bill Pelke and I believe for Dave Atwood, and the others whose names I did not catch. And again I note the many people who have come to know and respect, and even to love, James Allridge. Please keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers....

I should note that also this evening, an hour earlier, Windel Workman was killed by the people of Oklahoma in revenge for the murder of Amanda Holman.

James Allridge, RIP.
Windel Workman, RIP.
Brian Clendennen, RIP.
Amanda Holman, RIP.

Source: Abe Bonowitz

Newspaper article about the execution
James' letter to Dr. James White, First Congregational Church
James was a beautiful soul (Poems posted by his friends)


do we kill people
who kill people to show
that killing people is wrong ?

- Amnesty International -

The American people are largely unaware of the
information critical to the judgement on the
morality of the death penalty ...
if they were better informed, they would consider it
shocking, unjust, and unacceptable.

- Justice Thurgood Marshall -

Capital punishment is our society´s recognition
of the sanctity of human life

- Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah in Oklahoma Observer. 10/25/99 -

I have inquired for most of my adult life
about studies that might show that
the death penalty is a deterrent.
And I have not seen any research
that would substantiate that point.

- Attorney General Janet Reno in Reuters 1/21/00 -

We all have purpose and worth.
We all have our own unique voice in the choir of humanity.
Even a mute can sing.

- James V. Allridge III, 2000 -

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