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Simone Abegg - Du Bois
Geneva, Switzerland

I heard about james through a friend of mine who was selling the cards he had made and now every year I buy as many as possible! Each one is so beautiful and original and it gives me a chance when I send them out to attract my friends' attention to death row prisoners in general, and on this artist in particular. (the artistic side of his personality shows so well in his handwriting ... for those who have seen it!)
My name is Tina Yardley. I live in Spokane, Washington and I am the founder of Redeeming Grace Ministries.
A Ministry of Hope, Love, And Second Chances. It is a ministry that helps prisoners know that someone cares about them and wants them to show their talents in poetry and artwork for books that will be sold to the public.
I have a temporary web page at
You can go there and see what this is all about.
My email address is
I believe that James deserves to live because he is a very talented young man and has worked very hard to change his life.
He loves God and has found forgiveness from what he has done. He should be given the chance to continue his work and not be killed by people who do not know the true and special part of James. He is a truly awesome young man and I am proud to call him my brother. He is awesome. God is his judge not us. I pray that his death sentence will be overturned and he will get the chance to live and show the world how truly talented and awesome he is.
God has forgiven him.
Love to all in HIM......Tina M. Yardley
James is the friend I always wanted. I don`t want to think what my life would be like without him.
I could think of 100 reasons why James should be pardoned, but his accomplishments more than speak for themselves.

Marianne Snellen
Pageland, South Carolina
I am against the death penalty in any case. You can not answer a wrong thing with another. But James' case is also a case of a man, who really changed. If you do not believe me - write to him and see what a caring kind of man he is today.

Sabine Scheibel
Vienna, Austria
There are very few people in my life that have had my total love, James is one of them.
James is a true inspiration to all of us, and deserves a second chance.
We are ...
Andreas Schneider, vice-president FFL ( and Christine Karo (
We have known James already during a long time. He is one of our best friends. As much as we know about life until now we recognized it is difficult to get real friends. Often there are people who would like to be a friend but in difficult situation there is nobody there for you. James is really one of our best ones.