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Deadly Executioner

The cover is eye catching. Simple and effective. It is presented extremely well and I think your introduction makes the reader want to go on.
The mix and match of prose with poetry also adds to the reader's interest. Variety kept my interest. It also gives an insight into the hard struggle that faces you all. Thank you for sharing.

Audrey S. Kaufman
LifeLines Ireland

I found the chapbook to be moving ...

Rick Halperin
Texans Against State Killing


It's wonderful -- thank you, so much. I've read and reread it many times and the words touched me greatly, especially the ones for those I knew...

It's a brilliant book and takes the reader each step of the way with the thoughts and memories of those who are sadly no longer with us.
I thought the opening chapter of the book was poignant, too, when you wrote about hearing of Charlie Brooks at school, not knowing, of course, what lay ahead.
Thank you so much for sharing your book with me ... I'll treasure it always.

Sue Fenwick
Texas Co-Ordinator

by Ted C. Cole

I sit here --alone--
not just by myself,
but really alone.

I hear others around me.
They speak and say nothing;
they hear but don't listen.

I talk to myself,
I talk to the walls ...
I only hear echoes of Silence.

I sit here--alone--
waiting, day after day,
to hear a voice that will
say something.
I'm tired of waiting.

supposedly much wiser than I,
once said,
Silence is Golden.

That man was a fool.

The above poem was the 1991 Golden Poet Award winner and is included in the book Deadly Executioner. Also included are poems by Patrick Roger-El and Ronald K. Allridge.

The book is a collection of poetry and prose dedicated to the men that have been executed by the State of Texas since the reinstatement of the death penalty in the United States. You are given a personal glimpse into my thoughts and some of the friendships that I've formed during my incarceration on Death Row.

James V. Allridge III