Hi Rick ...

The following are personal statements from different Texas death row inmates....(I have not altered the spelling or grammar, and I have withheld their names)

A)---this was written on Nov. 24----

Hi Rick,

Hey, I want to tell you about the cruel stuff goin on here. I been on death row (a long time). I have never seen a Hitler warden like this punk here. I am fed up and the folks at this unit making me suffer greater than I am, than we are! We have done nothing to deserve this. I am fed raisins, a peanut butter sanwich, and balona sanwich 3 times a day, MOST days. It can vary with prunes, peanutbutter snawiches. The bad part is that ONLY death row is locked down as a squad of police search our things. But the kitchen is NOT locked down and still we are subjected to this cruel treatment. No recreation, no showers, or hot food, we got thanksgiving tray's thank God. Then there is the beating and dragging Rudd down the hall to his execution, the gassing him, and a deliberate effort to punish us all in part, because he resisted them killing him...

The main reason we are locked down, the wardenwants to violate the religious freedomes of muslims on death row during Ramadan!! It is plainly obvious that is the case...all this started ont eh Ramadan!! What really is shocking and upseting to me is...that Hitler has taken full advantage of NO monitoring from Judge Justice. We need you....where are all teh death row supporters, and why the cruel andunusual treatment of us in gbeing allowed by those orginazations that claim they represent human rights???? This is beyond cruel. It is evil...I'm a tuff convict from the old death row school.

But this here is a evil, cruel and obvious campaign to create a violent and hostile environment of those men on the row. Nothing is being done. Nothing is being said. No one seems to care about it. Without your monitoring and someone saying, why are you doing this warden?? Without people getting answer's or calling Gary Johnson and lawmakers, this warden is surely going to try and continue in his personal Christian
crusade to bring pain and injustice to any one under scentence of death.

This punk is not the executioner of the Count, he is NOT allowed by protections of the constitution to trat me, US, like we are animals because this Nation is at war with some radical muslim's. That is why this started, he thinks he is some christian Myrtry punishing the evil doers and muslims here and that is the only reason we are suffering this campaign of cruelty Rick. Please get after this warden, or put someone on his gack, and find out why the violation of freedom's or religion, and protections against cruel and unusual punishment are not, I repeat NOT being protected???

Thank you for your consideration in this matter....


B)---this was written on Nov. 25----

...I'm on death row at the polunsky unit. And I'd like to voice my opinion and concerns about our treatment here. I feel someone needs to know.

I'd like to begin by asking a question. What ever happened to the death row plan? And what happened to the outside supporters that were pushing for it? Things here have gone from bad to worse. And there appears to be no end in sight. There also appears to be no help in sight.

...Since we've been here, the powers that be have yet to implement anything remotely resembling the few privileges outlined on the death row plan. Instead of implementing management programs, they are instigating and enforcing rules that are antagonistic and inflammatory. They are very Talibanistic. They keep taking and keep pushing. ANd it is useless to complain via I-60's or grievancces. No one nomitors them, so they do what they want with impunity.

We live in a very Orwellesque climate. Some animals are more equal than others. As I'm wiring this, we're in lockdown (again). Supposedly for some disturbance. The only one that I'm aware of was last week, when a man resisted his execution. If in fact we're locked down for that, I fail to see what is being gained here. The main who committed the infraction is now dead. Why punish me? If a population inmate acts
out, He, and he alone gets locked down. The warden here seems to take perverse pleasure in punishing all on death row for the actions of one. Is there a policy is TDC that allows such a double standard? At Ellis,
several fought their execution. We were not locked down behind it. What is so different here?

I know you're aware of the sensory deprivation that we endure here. So I won't go into that. But it would be nice to know that some outside intervention is working to correct that. What I will telly ou is that during these lockdowns, And there have been numerous ones, we survive on 3 peanutbutter and 2 bologne sandwiches, one container of milk, one individual packaged serving of cereal, and a couple of handfuls of either raisins or prunes a day. Try eating peanutbutter and bologne sandwiches everyday for weeks. Not a pretty picture is it? Not only that, it's not enough. Now try swallowing that for an infraction that you had nothing to do with . What's more,I'm only guessing as to why we're in lockdown. They will not tell us why. Imagine that if you can. We're being punished and don't even know why. How can we make the correction, if we don't know why? And if this is because the man resisted, well, he's dead. There is no way to further punish or correct him. The punishment therefore serves no purpose. I know of no man who does not take umbrage at being punished for nothing. Yet, they expect us to absorb the abuse because no one will tell them that it is not OK. No one will stand up for us. It is useless for us to do so. We have no voice in here.

They are quick to enforce detrimental policies. But they are not even able to efficiently run the institution on daily matter. For example, they took our nailclipper over a year ago. And they have yet to implement a plan that allows us access to nailclippers in a timely manner. We have to request them via I-60's that rarely get answered. Often it takes a grievance in order to get them. Pathetic, isn't it? I have to write to you during the day becaus ethe light in my cell is out. It has been for almost a month now. Instead of worrying about our property fitting into 2 bags, I say they should worry about their responsibilities first. They cannot meet my needs. But they are in a hurry to take more from me....They keep taking, but not giving. Even if it's a basic need.

Conditions hav enot gotten better since our arival here. They have in fact gotten worse. And I'm appealing to you for any and all assistance that you can provide.

Thanking you in advance,

C)---this was written on Nov. 26----

As many people here on Texas death row, has written you about the inhumae conditions in which we are under and has written you about I wanted to add my thoughts as well.

As for myself, I am doing well under the circumstances and I give all the thanks to the good Lord, who is watching over each and everyone of us, So I look to God, for strength each day.

Well Sir, as you may have heard the Warden of this unit Zeller, has taken up the roll of Judge, Jury, and Excutioner of the inmates on death row, It's clear that he has the right to run his unit in any manor that he like but when he start to show favoritism and treat inmates differently well I think that takes things to another level of thinking.

We here on death row have been on lock down since the 15th. of this month the reason to search each inmates property to make sure we don't have onver the 2 bags allow the rules changed which everyone understand but to lock in down and take our privileges away and to feed of bag lunches, and Shower, us 3 times week, While the inmates of general population is not on lock down and has all of their privileges, clearly is showing favoritism from warden Zeller, We have heard the reason that he is using for the lock down is that there was a problem, The only thing that has happen here, They had to go in and get an inmate who was to be killed---excuted E. Rudd, and from the understanding that I have he made it clear to the Capt. Bacon, Major, and the warden that he was not going easy and that it was nothing against them they knew that and for him to use that as an excuse is wrong if in fact he is using that to lock us down, Plus there has been other who did the same thing.

Warden Zeller, is acting more like a dictator than a warden, All because the courts are not overseeing the prison system anymore therefore the State, feel as thou it can do whatever it wants and how it want without anything happening so where do this leave the inmates? I am sure that each person here on death row under their circumstances and most obey the rules and don't give any problems and to be treated in this manor is not right.

...Sure I understanding this is death row and we have to be treated in different ways but the treatment we are notgeting is not right and we sir need your help to try and over come some of these problems that we face
each day.

Again thank you for your time in this matter may God, bless you and hold you in his loving arms.

Sincerely Yours........

**** my note **** other letters, too numerous to reprint here, have been received, all complaining of poor treatment, neglect, sleep deprivation, harassment, confiscation of property, etc.