This message comes to you from an inmate at Terrell at a visit today with his mother:

The way we were moved was like slave-trading. We were taken from our cells at about 6 AM wearing only our boxer shorts and were not allowed to go to the bathroom or anything. Our personal belongings had been moved the day before. We were taken to a room with male and female guards and asked to remove our shorts and we were given cavity searches of our mouths and worse.

We were given a jumpsuit to put on and watched while we dressed. We were told to get on our knees and were handcuffed and shackled and helped to stand again. Being shackled that way you can't stand up straight or be comfortable at all. We walked about 30 or 40 feet to the bus and were helped to get on it.

One guy had to go to the bathroom real bad and was telling them that way before we even left the prison. They told him to wait. He said that they had woke him up and not let him go and had to go really bad. He was telling them that he couldn't wait, but they kept telling him he had to. He wet himself and was apologizing to everyone and crying. He couldn't help
it, there was nothing else he could do.

We were barefoot and the day before I had gotten really sick with a fever and had asked to be seen by medical. They didn't see me until two days after we moved. I had an ear infection and maybe the flu. By the time I was seen which was 8 PM, my fever was 100.8, but I was feeling much better by then.

We have no human contact now except with guards and if we get visits. Some of the guys don't have anyone to visit them, so it must be really tough for them.