'Conditions here at Terrell ARE terrible..Noise is almost unbearable. The water faucets scream when they are turned on. Guards slam all the doors when they close them. Razors, clothes, sheets, paperwork are all passed out around 12pm. Then they do security checks about 2 or 3 times each night. That means they turn on your light and ask for your name and #. So I've started staying up at night and sleeping during the day. Breakfast will be served at 3.30 or 3.45. The medical department is a joke. When we got here they took alot of people's medication and said they have to make an appointment to continue, this includes mental patients. They took 2 of them completely off for no known reason.

The guards totally ignore us when we need something. One could be 20 feet away, call his/her name and get no response until you call them a dirty name and they repond in kind which causes problems. I'll never understand that at all but that is the way it is. ...Female officers get away with alot because they tease and flirt and really prostitute themselves to the rank. In this I do not exaggerate at all. Alot of the inmates bend for them which just appals me. But I hold my tongue and temper in check as there's nothing I can do that wouldn't get me into trouble so I do nothing.