BY: Kenneth Foster Jr.
# 999232

Please allow me just a few more moments of your time. Although, this dissertation may seem repetitive to many of the things you´re read so far and will read, allow me to give you a slightly different perspective to the realities - seen and those intentionally covered-up - that is infixed in this society. It´s important to remember that in dealing with a situation like this ... One must stay FULLY open minded to the truths, no matter how farfetched or harsh they may sound. Truth does not change, because it is or is not, believed by a majority of the people. Panic may resent it; Ignorance may denide it; Malice may distort it; but there it is ......

As I stepped out my cell, only clothed by a pair of boxers, my feet touched the concrete slab and the coldness of the floor reminded me of just how "COLD" this world is. Today was a day I´m sure almost every death row inmate thought of how the slave trade of the African Race had been. You know, the middle passage that resulted in 100 million deaths of African persons, the event so many try to forget and the event many want to be forgotten, but I can`t because it´s embeded in my soul from my Ancestral Routs. They say the past repeats itself and I can´t help but to think of the way they were shackled and led to death. Does anything seem familiar about that ? You don´t have to tell me you thought of it, for when I looked upon ALL your faces I saw the hate formed from the Degradation and expressed reactions from the Inhumane Treatment heavily upon you.

As we walked cuffed we came outside to a mass of men being stripped and shackled. It was an upsetting sight to see "US" being stripped in broad daylight in front of 50-60 officers, not to mention the other men and women, doctors and assistants who were there viewing this process. The idea of treating us like humans never crossed their minds, or if it did, it was quickly erased, thus the perverted scheme to make us feel less than human was carried out perfectly by them as they smiled, laughed and commented. Don´t worry, I shared your pain, remember it´s embeded in my soul. Be sure of it, I´m not complaining though.

As my hands were re-cuffed, so was my feet and then they were basically tied together. I guess it came close to a "calf-tie". You know how the cowboy jumps off his horse, runs down the calf, slams him and ties the calfs feet together as quickly as possible ! Well, this is basically how it was, surprisingly without the slamming, altough I´m sure they would have loved that. I guess they thought it was a rodeo.

When my hands were cuffed, the cuffs were put so tight they cut into my skin. I couldn´t understand the purpose of this. As I was lifted to the bus and sat in my seat I began to see my blood vessels surface and my hands began to go numb. For the next 7 days my hands would be scared and bruised with elements of pain running trough them. No medical treatment would be given and cuffing would continue at the unit regadless of this. I wonder what would have happened to my hands if the trip was longer than a hour. But, don´t get me wrong, that´s not a complaint.

The events that are still leading up to this day still stupify me, because the Idiocy and Hatefullness of it all is just too fatuous. In sights of one thing, yes it is true our food is served cold almost every day. This is undoubtly a Health Code Violation, for our food has contain heat it must be served at. But, this is not what soley gets me.

Don´t be surprised if the meal you get on say a Monday, the same food will pop up again on Wednesday. It´s ridiculous how a prison Corporation that makes millions each year can´t afford to serve different hot meals for a span of 5-7 days. You think prisons don´t make money, well think again. Prison builders keep building, politicans keep filling beds, Corporations keep investing the the "Big Business" of locking down a generation just keeps growing. You say, "What Corporations ?" Oh, just ones like: General Electric, American Express, Menill Lynch, MCI, AT&T, Bell South, Chevron, Bank of America, Texas Instruments and that´s just to name a few. * Prison population 1.82 million.* How do they profit ? - by cheep convict Labor; or designing and selling prison paraphernalia like stun guns, hand cuffs, pepper spray, surveillance cameras and other expensive items.

So where does all the money go that´s meant to feed us properly ? They can build a super max security prison, but can´t conquer the task of keeping food hot. What do you think - purpose or not purpose ? Don´t let yourselves just be blinded by the exploits of our crimes, they nob you (the Public) EVERYDAY. I´m not complaining though.

As the onslaught against us continues they find new tactics to torture us. They´ve taken our right to see T.V. and have isolated us from human contact to create a struggle in our minds so hopefully it will lead to us dropping our Appeals or killing ourselves. It´s sad that I´ve allready witnessed 1 attempted suicide and the realities I saw of a man being dragged out his cell in his own blood is one I wish I didn´t have to face and one I´ll save you to face at this time. Undoubtly, through this oppression the ones running this scheme scrifice their officers in a hope we´ll lash out on them so they can hopefully get a chance to attack us as well, then throw us in a solitary dungean for God knows how long without an ounce of property or anything at all. Then to try and keep us from going on our 1 hour recreation (to undoubtly make their work easier), we´ve being forced to wait 6-8 hours a day to shower. We´re being subjected to sitting in sour clothes this long and may face scabies, rash, or ringworm. Not an over exaggeration..... it´s reality, but I´m not complaining.

As I look at the "lesson" trying to be tought to us, it makes me think of a "lesson within a lesson". For all you men who suffer for the sick mental and illusional disease of racism, look around. When we was cuffed so tight and fed so atrociously and done so badly, where was your superior treatment at ? Wake up, the false hate that´s been instilled in you to act out on others is just a front for "them" to continue in their world domination scheme. You´re just a pawn, not a player of the game. If you´re not living "their" "American Dream", "Illuminati dream", you´ll be housed and shackled too, look around. No better treatment will be given and through time the only extra treatment you´ve been given is the right to kill a bit more without conviction, but who are you really helping ? It´s real, but I don´t need to harp on that, it´s not a complaint.

So on top of all this I still face the death penalty. And for these that vote for it and uphold the laws, let me awaken you to this. You´re not Christians so stop professing it. Any Christian knows the word of God and if you know the word of God you´ll know this. In his eyes, all sins are equal. So, for a person to kill and for you to commit adultrey, it´s all the same in God´s eyes. You claim we´re sick and should die, well in God´s eyes if you lie your "sin"-"Crime" is the same. To be simple about it, which one of you humans override God´s law of thou shall not kill and is now trying to make it seem o.k. ?? So who are you to say we should die ?

Than you politicans, Mayors, Governors sit up and pray to God to protect you and your families from illness and wrongful death, you pray for wealth and love. All this you pray to God for. Yet, you´ll turn around and sign death warrants, vote for the death penalty and try to defent it. No serial murderer has killed more people in one of their nampages than Texas has killed in the last 3 years. Then some of you - the public - applaud, cheer and be happy at these murderers. Whose really sick and twisted !!!!

It´s a higher judgement coming soon for all you thieving politicians who steal the publics money, lie to them about the laws you create and how you supposedly deliver justice. Then, because you can´t sleep from the guilt and foul life you live you turn to drugs and drink to forget and become a drunkard, but then what you really forget are the morals of right and wrong, yet you judge me without compassion or mercy. Do not think I´m just speaking foolishly in anger, I speak the truth. You know the 535 law makers call Congress. Well, 14 have been arrested on drug related charges. 8 have been arrested for shoplifting and in 1998 alone 84 were stopped for Drunk Driving. These are statistic facts, don´t take my word for it, it´s all available for the world to see on the world wide dot com !!! Don´t be surprised at the other charges you find they´ve faced and this is who we trust to carry out the laws fairly.

I often think it is worth fighting to live in such conditions and in such a world, but I DO and WILL. Why I DO and WILL is a story told for a different day. Maybe I can awaken some of the sleepwalkers and help them find what the true Essence of this life is all about ! While I search, I´ll help you search. We struggle together, we´ll overcome together.

When they said the truth would set you free, that didn´t mean these doors would pop open and you´d walk out. You better start to recognize this thing called the soul.

Altough (to me) this is just a small part of this Reality, believe me I´ve got more. Start to look through the fabrications and distorted truths. Truth is like light; you must be accustomed to it gradually; Otherwise it dazzles you. There are no new truths in what I speak, only truths that have not yet been recognized.

I´ll pray for your Enlightenment. In close, just make it known, still after all this I wasn´t complaining !!!!