I have a story to tell and for obvious reasons will not give the names but it is just to show you one of the things that causes me as a parent to a prisoner many thoughts of horror.

One inmate was one that the officials of the prison just did not like. It may have been justified so I will not get into that, and this as it is set up will not include my son because there is only one inmate in a cell on death row. but there are other ways to accomplish the same thing. Anyhow this prisoner was put in a cell with one who ws homosexual, who was bigger in statue than he was. The homosexual was continually trying to force himself on the prisoner who would complain to the guards who would only laugh. It got so bad the prisoner finally had to protect himself and in the process killed the homosexual. Any other time it would have been self-defense but now he is sitting on death row himself for killing someone in prison. Knowing things like this do happen cause many a day of fear about some of the things that could happen to my son. He has already been beat up, had to endure sickness without treatment and other things that would strike fear in a person like me.