Again This old man had a rough night. Yesterday while visiting my son on Death Row [what the legal department calls the home of the walking dead] I again witnessed the ultimate in pain and frustration.

A family was present to say their last farewells to a family member. When I entered most of them were siting at the entrance while they took turns with 2 at a time going to the window and talking to the inmate. At first things appeared quite normal with them sitting and talking, with smiles and from time to time a little laughter. The only thing that seemed a little out of place was the extra number of people that kept coming from time to time to trade places with family members at the window. After I found out what was going on I could not help but glance back from time to time looking at the inmate sitting behind that infernal glass not ale to touch his Mother and other members of his family.

My mind was distracted by the conversation I was having with my son and I could almost forget what was going on behind me.

As my time was drawing near its end I looked back and really wished I hadn't. All I could see was the backs of about 8 members of the family standing in front of the window seemingly in prayer. If you looked closely you could see backs and shoulders shaking from what you would expect from a person crying.

I am glad I could not see the Inmate because I can imagine I would see a solemn person glancing out at his mother, and family wishing he could hold his mother and give her a hug to last her for a long time. I just cannot see the wisdom of the State of Texas not allowing that last contact. To kill a human being is bad enough but not allowing that last contact just compounds the crime, which is what I believe it to be.

Take Care

the father of an inmate on death row.