Ricki Marie Cartwright Trust

Richardís one wish was to provide a secure future for his 8 year old daughter, Ricki Marie Cartwright. With that in mind, a trust fund has been set up for her college education. If for any reason she does not attend college, funds will be dispersed to her upon the attainment of age 30.

Rich wanted this set up prior to now, but due to the necessity of making sure it was set up legally to protect Ricki, and to ensure funds could not be mis-used, it took at while to make it happen. If anyone would like a copy of the trust agreement, it can be provided. Please e-mail your request to rmc21170@aol.com

Contributions can be mailed or transferred electronically:

Mail Contributions:

Payable to: Ricki Marie Cartwright Trust

Mail to: Irene Cartwright-Rekitzke
2557 Indiana Avenue
Lansing, IL 60438

Electronic Transfers:

Account Name: Ricki Marie Cartwright Trust
Routing/ABA Number: 071000013
Account Number: 694646225

On behalf of Rich's family and friends, thank you for supporting us, and for supporting his daughter. Your help is deeply appreciated.