Humane Murder

Sounds like an oxymoron to you too? It is a very cruel play on words from my point of view. They use the word “humane” all too often when describing the way hundreds of Texas Death Row inmates are executed. Texas – the proud Execution Capital of the World! Don’t mess with Texas! They mean it, folks.

I’ve been on Texas Death Row for five years, as of March 17, 2002. During this time, over 100 people have been executed, humanely of course, if you believe the type. Some of the men I barely knew, others a little more, and some I grew quite close to. Friendship in prison is rare, but one it is established, it is a bond for life.

Friendship is what has motivated me to write this article. One of my close friends, Brian Davis, has a HUMANE EXECUTION DATE on May 7, 2002. Now I was blessed enough by having Brian as my very first collie when I came to the row. He schooled me, and kept me out of trouble most of the time (smile).

The State of Texas will give you a small statement on Brian Davis, the murdered, after his HUMANE EXECUTION. I would like to touch on Brian Davis. Brian Davis, the father, Brian Davis the son, Brian Davis the friend, and Brian Davis the man. Being cellies, we got close. We shared photos of our families, and our loved ones. We talked about his two boys, my daughter. I even got to meet his Dad and his two boys out at visitation. I will get to see them again on May 7th, when they come to visit Brian for the last time. HUMANE my ass!

The State of Texas says that his murder is justice! They say that it will help bring closure to the victims family, who are victims themselves. This is part of the “Victim’s Rights Movement.” How so, I ask? What Brian’s state sanctioned murder brings is more innocent victims. His father, his two sons, (who always write to him for advice, guidance, and approval), and the rest of his family. A vicious circle of victims in the name of “Victim’s Rights.” So I guess being locked in prison the rest of his life would not bring that same closure, huh? Has out society really become that barbaric? Yes, I think it has.

When you tell your kids it is wrong to steal, do you then go out and steal something with them? When you tell them it is wrong to hit someone, do you hit them? We, as a society, allow our Government to murder in the name of JUSTICE! MURDER IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!!! It guess it goes to show the difference in non-justifiable murder and justifiable murder. Hell, what is the difference? Murder is just that, MURDER!

In Struggle, Richard M. Cartwright