Granville in love ...

Through my travels I have stumbled upon the Doorstep of Ms. Mallory Kessler from Ecublens, Switzerland … she speaks french so at first meeting things were bit rough … but she picked me up from that long road … took me in, has cared for me, opened her heart for me, and made me very happy!!

Here are some pictures from our visit in October of last year.

This pictures shows two beautiful people that have given me many joys in life … the good looking chap is my father Karo Riddle, and of course you can see the beautiful lady that has blessed my life in so many ways. She speaks french so my father picked her up and escourted her down to visit.

This is a nice picture of Mallory … the prison cameras never ever do “justice”!!! From picture to picture there are different distortions … and you are lucky to get a picture that resembles you! … but our pictures are nice … not perfect but they hold many good memories!!

Another picture of Mallory and I together … it’s a shame that we are sperated and can’t even hold hands!

This is our favorite picture from the visit … I think this one is very “loving and tender”.

Mallory has picked me up and dusted me off from my travles. She has heard my story … my hurts … pains … desires … failures … but never the less she has opened her heart to me, comforted me … She has lifted me up!! I speak only a little french.

Our visit was difficult at times, but beautiful, and way to short!! I soon found myself looking out my window which faces to the east … I found myself looking out … knowing that at that moment I was trapped and my love was flying away, back to Switzerland without me … without even a kiss to send her on her way. I found myself dreaming that a part of my spirit was like the wind … lifting her plane up aloft, safely on her way … It was weird to be standing in the dark on my bed, happy, but feeling more lonely than I had ever been in my entire life … feeling like: inside my body it was like there was nothing but string … one end tied to my heart and the end tied to Mallory’s … for days I hurt missing her … fiercely! (I still do).

So I did all I could … I asked her to marry me … thinking that if she goes to far that string will burst … along with my heart … for I can’t imagine myself without her. My heart is comfortable … being connected with hers. I was terribly lonely … on one hand and terribly afraid on the other … but my fears … were just fears … for soon I received a letter … that said yes. J Now I have other fears, but she stands with me heart to heart … my worries don’t seem so bad … I’m in love … :-)

We plan to marry the 1st of August 2002



Granville Riddle