Executed by the State of Texas and its citizen
on June 25, 2002

Anyone wanting to make donations in Bob's Memory, please send to:
Huntsville Hospitality House
912 10th Street
Huntsville, Tx. 77320-3937
It's the little place that was built in one day & houses families of those on death row.  They don't have to pay a penny for staying there & they feed the families too.
Bobís parents stayed there & the people were just wonderful to them but they only maintain that housing through donations.

Could you kill an innocent man?

It has been claimed that only 1% of inmates on death row are innocent. This 1% is based on those who were released after new evidence was discovered showing the inmates did not commit the murders they were conficted of. What about the other inmates that were on death row and had their executions carried out and were innocent! Bob was an innocent man on Texas Death Row. Read about Bob's case and the manufactured evidence that was used to convict him. Also read the real story of where Bob was the night of the murders.

Bob was sentenced to death row in 1994 for the 1992 murders of 5 of his family. To gain a conviction the Police/Prosecutor presented manufactured evidence. In a hearing after Bob's trial Police/Prosecutors admitted the evidence was not true as it was presented but claimed it was an accident! Read about the manufactured evidence and what Bob Coulson the person is really like.

Bob should be at home with his sisters, brother-in-law and parents but someone robbed him of his family and now the state of Texas has robbed him of his life!

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