Bob did not commit the murders of his family. Hear Bob's side of the story, THE TRUTH!

Bob and Jared had decided to go out of town for the weekend. Bob had made plans with his family to meet them for dinner before he left to go out of town. When Jared was able to get off early from work on Friday, November 13th, 1992, (the day the murders were committed) he drove across town and dropped Bob off at Town & Country Mall to have dinner with his family, rather then the two of them having to take two cars and meet to go out of town. Bob was at the mall earlier then his family was supposed to be so he walked around the mail for a while. Bob then headed over to the Lubyís Cafeteria out in the parking lot of the mall and waited for his family to arrive. Jared had taken the car and said he would go to a friends house while Bob was eating since he had not been invited to the dinner. Bob waited outside of Lubyís from a little before 5 pm until about 6:30 pm when Jared came back to pick him up. Bobís family never showed up for dinner. Bob figured the message on which restaurant to go to had gotten mixed up and his family had met at one of the other restaurants they met at from time to time. Since Bob figured the family was eating elsewhere he did not stop by his parents house to see if they were there. Bob did not think anything was wrong, he and Jared just went ahead and left for the weekend. Bob did not find out about the murder of his family until the following day when Jaredís brother, Jason, drove to the farm and broke the news to him.

When Bob was arrested 4 days after the murders and found out that Jared and lied and pointed the finger at him he felt that Jared must have been involved in the murders some how. Bob felt this way until evidence surfaced showing: Jaredís entire story was a lie; police accused Jared of committing the murders prior to Bobís arrest, probably scaring Jared into lying and pointing the finger at Bob; no marks, cuts, scratches, burns, etc., were found on Jared the day after the murders; the items Jared claimed where used in the murders came back negative for blood, skin, hair, fingerprints, etc., showing they had not been used after all; Jared had the means, motive and drove out of town 3 days after the murders; Jared had the mental age of a 13 year old at the time of the murders; the policeís own investigation showed Jared had lied in his stories; Jared gave 4 different stories and then failed a polygraph test on the 4th story which was used against Bob at trial; evidence from the crime scene did not jive with Jaredís story of events he claimed occurred inside the house; police and prosecutors presented fabricated evidence in Bobís trial, with what was written on this evidence appearing in Jaredís story days after police claimed they found it out at the crime scene; and much more. Bob now believed that Jared was scared by police and coerced into making up a story pointing the finger at Bob. Bob did not think anymore that Jared had anything to do with his families murders.