Who are you?
This sites founder, Dominique Jerome Green, is a 27 year old Texas death row prisoner that has been incarcerated for the last 9 years of his life. (October 17th, 1992)

Becoming a student of Law at the tip of his incarceration, he enrolled into college with the hopes of understanding how to make the system which failed him work.

Unable to complete an entire semester before the program was cut, he threw himself into learning from the trials and errors of handling his own case.

He has since become actively involved in teaching other prisoners how to protect themselves from the injustice of the system. And, through the art of sacrifice he has been diligent in his efforts of trying to bring death row prisoners closer so that they could all work towards one common goal.

In moments when he's been able to mentally escape the brutal confies of death row; he's used that time to uniquely establish himself as a writer, poet, and artist.

Years of perserverance has allowed his case to garner the unwaivering attention and support of Sister Helen Prejean, Johnnie Cochran, Sant'Egidio a global religious community, Hands of Cain an international political organization, and opponent groups such as the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty; presided over by Dave Atwood, a close and personal friend. 

This sites featured writer is Robert Shields, a 26 year old young man who has been entombed in the Miasma called death row, for 6 years now. (Since 1995)

Seeing the glaring errors and inherent inequality of the system firsthand has taught him many tough lessons.

He has since devoted much of his time learning the system and researching law in the hopes of seeing some of those wrongs corrected.

Receiving any kind of education in the Bastille of solitude is near impossible, but he has forged on, attempting to better educate himself by opening his mind up to various subjects; such as philosophy, history, mythology, psychology, religion, science, politics, and others. 

He consider himself a budding writer and poet who aspires to get people to think for themselves which he has learned to do immensely and on his own from being incarcerated.