What this site is about:
Usually the public hears about death row prisoners only after they've been exonerated or before they are set to be executed by the State. Their lives prior to becoming, what often is, front page news is largely ignored. That doesn't mean death row prisoners, day after day, sit in their cells and await their sentences to be carried out. What it means is that a lot of the things they do go unnoticed. This site is an attempt to bring those things to light.

The case of the sleeping court appointed attorney which has garnered a great deal of public sentiment in the failings of the Judicial System; before becoming a permanent fixture into the minds of society; was a drum death row prisoners had to beat collectively in order for it to be heard by lawyers and anti-death penalty groups who finally granted its' much needed attention.

It is a grave miscalculation on the part of those who condone the autrocities comitted in the name of Justice; to point to those who've been exonerated as evidence that the system does work. Because their exoneration wasn't something that just happened overnight. The courts didn't grow a heart and decide to let them go. Exonerated individuals had to make personal sacrifices, and go through years and tears of frustration - from being repeatedly told no, before finally finding a lawyer and/or anti-death penalty organisation that would be willing to fight for them. For some ... unfortunately it's then to late.

The purpose of this site:

* Public Awareness - Moving away from the never ending debate of whether capital punishment is morally wrong or right. This site will be used to break down the issues of Capital punishment in an objective manner to educate the public as to why the debate exist.

* Grassroot Building - Bringing the most critical of issues together. It is our hope to bring a halt to the often heated debate: "Who's life deserves to be saved more?" We would like to see more concerned cititzens and groups work in a concerted effort not compete with each other. The fight to place one set of wronged individuals lives above the other; whether they be mentally retarded or innocent, means their lives are not equal of salvation - we believe they are!

* Campaigning - With Groups and concerned Citizens working together, neither the Courts nor the legislative body should be able to remain divided behind the issues. It is imperative that we work in a joint effort to make sure the most critical of issues are taken up and addressed.

* Participation - Having a study conducted to investigate the body of Capital Punishment is one of our main goals. The public should be more aware of the findings and the problems that exist. A referendum then once and for all should let the citizens decide if there is a need for moratorium.

* Fundraising - To help innocent prisoners find adequate representation and aid the Groups who are financailly strapped, doing more than "just talking" about the issues, help defend the lives of others.

* Encouragement - Getting the public to take a first step, even if it must be a baby step. To become more actively involved in protecting the lives of those who can't protect themselves; since turning a blind eye to what's been going on is why the public is having such a hard time believing the system has allowed some of the things to happen that are now coming to light.