Unshead tear

Standing but in the openness
viewing all the sights to be seen
absorbing all the magnificence
of what life truly must mean.

The beauty and the ugliness,
together go hand in hand,
As the sun; the wind; the rain;
must bring birth to the land.

A land that's slowly dying,
from abuse and hearts with greed,
using others for stepping stones,
not caring what others may need.

Watching all the starvation,
and homeless lying in the streets,
passers-by give no notice,
of whether their hearts still beat.

As these scenes I witness,
a tear falls from my eyes,
how can the heart be so cold,
to let these poor people die.

Or create an injustice,
and label it as a law,
to further their ability,
becoming divided, we fall.

They say life isn't easy,
for the poor this is true,
the rich are the exception,
to this golden rule.

But as all have a beginning,
they also have an end,
the best advice from life,
give a hand; be a friend.

By Carman Deck

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