The unknown phenomena

One sits and asks the question,
of why things are meant to be,
without really much thought,
or open eyes that fail to see.

The misunderstanding of one's conception
the falseness of what one believes,
misguided through life's puzzle,
reality or make believe?

Raised with specific morality,
arising from a previous thought,
programmed throught one's genetics,
becoming never again sought.

But change begins to occur,
when one becomes one's self,
then, only to be shunned,
as an outcast placed upon a shelf.

For one who displays individuality,
must first be accepted by the whole,
for the road will be endless,
if others refuse to go.

The answer to life's mystery,
was never the unknown,
the answer lies within one's self,
as the individual has always been shown.

By Carmen Deck  '99'

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