With these hands

Since from the very beginning, 
there's been a gift called man, 
and from him there was taken
another gift called wo-man, 

There they were to love and grow, 
and to bring forth a new race, 
to make their creator proud, 
to put a smole upon his face. 

But in his search for wisdom,
being given his own free will,
evil thoughts entered his mind,
blood upon his hands, in kill.

He turned his back on his father,
and led the wo-man astray,
and chose to lead his own life,
following man's pathway.

But with his way of thinking,
not understanding the purpose of life,
he began to destroy all he was given,
his peoplen his land, his wife.

And to seek greater comfort,
through his greed and deceit,
a war that he created,
not knowing his ultimate defeat.

For now he is his own creator,
with these hands hath he made,
the end of his beginning,
his existence hath he slayed.

By Carmen Deck

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