Tear Before Torn

There once was a man
who wandered the Earth
was shunned and mistreated 
since the beginning of birth.

Having very few things,
and stealing what he got,
living his life cheated,
acceptance is what he sought.

Not knowing true happieness,
neither bought nor sold,
theivery was his talent,
manipulation his hold.

A life full of lies
Never using the truth,
a skill he honed,
while in his youth.

A very sad story,
but its true indeed,
he wanted to be accepted,
he wanted to feel a need.

Never getting fairness in life,
it soon came to an end,
he was tried and convicted of murder,
the sin of all sin.

A man that was innocent,
with a past full of crime,
a loser, a thief, a nobody,
who now was scheduled to die.

Sometimes it makes one wonder,
why he was even born,
a sad case of misfortune,
a tear before torn. 

 -    Carman Deck 1998 

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