A little information about myself:

I grew up in a few small towns here in Missouri. I went to high school in Festus and Desoto Missouri. I dropped out in my Junior year to persue a career in the United States Marine Corps. I then went to college in South East Missouri at S.E.M.O University. My major was business management, my minor was music.

I like to sing and dance tremendously. In fact, while going to college, I became a male stripper. It was something I was very proud of, because I was good. I was incarcerated when I was 20 for aiding an escape and burglary. I was voilated 2 times on that sentence for technical voilations. Each time upon my release mainting a job and abiding by the law, the last time I was released I started my own business building and designing custom hot rods. 

I was featured in numerous magazines and commercials. I then ran into the wrong people and was convicted of first degree murder. Now I am on death row, trying to get a new and fair trial.

I enjoy all outdoor activities including horseback riding, gold, handball, tennis, softball, fishing, horseshoes, swimming, etc. I enjoy playing pool and darts. I like to party, but only occasionally get rowdy. I don't drink and drive. I don't do drugs, but have smoked pot and enjoy it. I like quite evenings watching a movie and cuddling. I'm romantic and love to touch, caress a kiss. I enjoy riding a motorcycle and going to parks, zoos.

I am open-minded and enjoy listening to people. Well thats some inside info about me. If you would like to respond, I am antisipating hearing from you.

Carman Deck
SP-144 2A.3
Potosi Correction Center
Rt.2 Box 2222
Mineral Point, Mo 63660

h o m e