Hello there my trust webers.  It's nice to know that you have logged-on. I hope my previous entry made you to stop and think about what I said. Most people know how our world functions, but just accepts it for what it is.  So many things could be avoided if only more people would act. But we have so much contraversy among ourselves, that we don't want to get involved.  One example is the discipline of our children.  If someone is seen spanking their child, (and I don't mean beating), all that has to be done is for the child or someone else to call a hot line and the parent gets arrested for child abuse.  If the parent elects to ground or take away a priveledge of the child, the child either runs away or stands up to the parent, this in turn leaves the parent helpless.  Children today run the parents because they feel they are grown up or mature and they should be able to do what they want to do.  Do we blame the parents because their children are unruly?  No, we should place blame on the input that goes into our children.  Music, movies, actions around them.  There is no way to filter what our children hear or see.  Children see this or hear this or watch their friends and don't want to be an odd ball.  We are in an era of children wanting to take a stand and not be suppressed.  They want to be heard and should be.  It is them that are our future.  They need guidance and understanding in a positive way. 

They are not looking to be dominated, only understood.  We as parents want to be listened to, but what we must understand is that we no longer live in a world of our time.  Time has changed and so must we.  We must offer them advice whether they accept it or not.  We can't dictate to them what we want for them.  The choice is theirs not ours.  If we communicate with them on an equal level, children will listen and not rebel.  They only want to be heard. 

We are trapped with the conception that we are the parent and we are the boss.  That is times past as we now see.  The difference that determines the future begins with the understanding of the parent.  Instead of trying to be the parent, start by being a friend.  We have so much pain around us in the world today.  People want to lose weight because they don't look as good as the next or they get breast implants or lip jobs or face lifts to keep from looking aged.  They want attention or don't want to be made fun of.  It is truly sad that we have those who think they're better than the next, so to keep up we change to please them.  But the fact that we over-look is; they breathe the same as we do and eventually they too will perish like the next.  There is nothing wrong with who we are or what we look like.  We are all beautiful human beings the way we are. 

It shouldn't matter at all what someone thinks about you.  It is them that needs to change.  You are loved just the way you are.  If you get larger breasts or fuller lips or plastic surgery that makes you look younger, 
then it's not you as a person that gets the attention, but the body that was created by man.  Can man create the soul?  Be who you are, not what the next is.  The greatest thing that you can give to yourself is not in 
the hands of man, but within yourself.  Get to know yourself and you may be surprized to find that you are like no one else. 

Well, I hope you'll come again.  I leave you with a few of my poems.  Until next time may joy fill your heart, understanding fill your mind and peace fill your life. 


h o m e