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by Dominique Green

Throughout history, one of the biggest impacts on our lives has been religion. Because unlike race, creed, culture, and gender -- religion has been a force able to transcend and unify the masses behind lines of division that every man, woman and child of this world must stand.

In the past, religious leaders imparted Godīs word to create a sense of disunity amongst all people. They forced those who did not follow them to be looked upon as "non-believers", infidels who were promised a life of eternal damnation. While those who did follow the self-appointed evildoers were listed as the true believers. Lambs who were being shepherded to Godīs heavenly kingdom to be granted eternal life and happiness.

But in condemning one group to uplift the other, it created dissension and a deep-seated sense of hatred was given life within the hearts of faithful. They were those who followed their leaders into clashes more viciously fought than could ever be matched throughout the world`s history. Lives were lost and destroyed at an alarming rate. So alarming that followers were being pushed closer and closer to the brink of extinction.

A solution was deeply needed.
The solution was born !!!

His name was Jesus Christ. Through the years of his life Christ not only stopped the fighting, his teachings taught believers of all religious creeds how to live and co-exist with one another. But in creating that unity, in showing mankind as a whole the kind of greatness it was destined for, he became a threat. He became an enemy to those in power. Those whose livelihood was built on the backs of the people. People who followed the laws that those in power created. People who were forced to look up to and worship them or live in fear of reprisal. People who did what they were told to do without question or face the penalty of death.

The religious leaders and men of authority saw the power wielded within Christīs movement. A power that would compliment their own and they tried to win him over. They tried making him one of them. They tried bribing Christ with money but he rebuffed their financial advances and showed those who followed him the true riches found only within the soul. They attempted to bait him with lust but he refused to allow himself to grow weak and demonstrated to those who followed him the resilience of faith. In one of the last and final attempts, Christ was offered his own kingdom of the earth. True to his nature, he turned them down while teaching those who followed him to be free from evil and through that freedom, embrace the true kingdom - the Kingdom of Heaven. For all of this, Christ became a hunted man. A man hunted for refusing to sell those he loved short of what they deserved.

All those who listened to him and believed in his teachings found themselves persecuted, but never once did he let his people down in their time of need. In fact, if there was ever a time of need, that was when he served them most. When they were hungry, he fed them. When they were weak, he gave them strength. When they sought knowledge, he gave them wisdom. When they believed, he performed miracles.

When Jesus was eventually captured, those of high authority tried their best to corrupt him. Religious heads offered him grand poitions in their sects for his own protection. Kings offered him fame and riches if he chose to embrace them and become a part of their nation. Satan promised him kingdoms of the earth, all he had to do was doubt God. But Christ -- being who he was -- admantly refused to be corrupted, leaving them with little else choice but to have him killed.

But before Christ could be murdered, steps had to be taken to prevent an insurrection. Steps that allowed those of power to seem right and Christ wrong. Because Christīs followers were so committed and dedicated, the men in authority knew that unjustifiably killing him would not only unite his faithful, but it would place them in a position to lose some of their own. Taking all of this into heavy consideration, a public smearing campain was ordered. One that labeled Christ as the devil who did not perform miracles, but black magic, while his followers were branded outcast and other scum of the earth because many of them were so poor they could not offer God any sacrifices, therefore unabling them to be accepted by God -- ever !

When a vast majority of the people were turned against Christ, he was charged with unconceivable offenses and given a mock trial. A trial that was simply for the publicīs viewing, not really to determine his guilt or innocence. That assumption had already been reached. Just like his punishment. A sentence of death.

He was stoned. He was spit on. He was forced to bear the weight of the instrument that would be used to execute him. But not once did he beg mankind for itīs mercy. If anything, he begged God to have mercy on mankind. When he was nailed to the cross, he went on to share with the world his last fleshly teachings by giving each of the two men that were nailed on their crosses beside him the chance to believe, even on their dying bed. This teachings did more for Christ than he could ever accomplish in his lifetime because the teaching showed everyone, even the men who were murdering him, they were all redeemable in the eyes of God.

The world has changed a lot since Christ was murdered. People have grown stronger spiritually, but many things on this earth are still the same. There are political dictators, self-ordained religious leaders, and the elements of Satan are in many of the things that surround us. The Bible has prophesied that this will all end with Christīs Second Coming. However, I can only wonder if this time he will even live long enough to come close to succeeding. I ask myself this question because not only is the same system that we used to murder him in full swing, but it is clearly being used now to numb us with itīs excessive abuse by murdering psychologically unstable individuals, killing retarded persons, depriving children of their life and annihilating the existence of innocent human beings all together.

Since this system is being used to commit evils weīve failed to prevent, I would like to ask you a serious question: Whatīs stopping it from executing Christ again if we canīt even stop it from murdering ourselves ?

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Dominique Green
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